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January 27th, 2014, 11:48 pm


New A.K.A. Page Delayed (Again)

a.k.a.aeronaut January 27th, 2014, 11:48 pm

Apologies, folks!

As you might've noticed, there was no new page today! I had planned on getting my act together and finishing on time...alas! College got in the way. :(

Once again, apologies, and we appreciate your patience and understanding!

-The A.K.A. Team
November 25th, 2013, 11:33 am


A.K.A. Will be Taking a Short(ish) Break...

a.k.a.aeronaut November 25th, 2013, 11:33 am

Hey guys.

So, hopefully this doesn't come as too much of a shock, but A.K.A. will be taking a bit of a break. By which I mean updates will resume in mid-December.

Apologies, guys. But as I mentioned previously, this time of year is kind of rough, as the semester is coming to an end, finals are approaching, etc. etc.

And, in the interest of the comic, I think it might be better to take some time off so as to resume updates without interruption, as opposed to the 'hit and miss' technique I've been employing. :D

Once again, sorry guys! We appreciate your understanding. In the meantime, I'll try to post extra art and stuff. :)

See you in December!
November 18th, 2013, 3:46 pm


A.K.A. Update Running Late (Again)

a.k.a.aeronaut November 18th, 2013, 3:46 pm

Howdy Folks,

Apologies, but the next page of A.K.A. is running a bit late. Should be up this evening, or tomorrow morning at latest. Once again, sorry guys, and thanks for understanding. A little swamped with classes, is all. :)

-(Half of) The A.K.A. Team
November 1st, 2013, 1:14 pm


Online Store is Open!

a.k.a.aeronaut November 1st, 2013, 1:14 pm

Yep, online store is open and ready to go. So if you want some A.K.A. stuff, head on over there.
October 25th, 2013, 12:02 am


Good (and Bad) News, Everyone!

a.k.a.aeronaut October 25th, 2013, 12:02 am

Howdy folks, some bad news. Due to midterms (bleh) the next A.K.A. update will be delayed. So, THERE WILL BE NO NEW PAGE, MONDAY, OCTOBER 28TH. Apologies, guys, but you know...midterms. :(

The good news, though, is that our online store (where you can grab some A.K.A. stuff) is almost ready to go! Should be up and running by next week.

Once again, apologies on the delay!

Enjoy the rest of your week,
-The A.K.A. team
October 7th, 2013, 2:16 am


Issue 1 Launch!

a.k.a.aeronaut October 7th, 2013, 2:16 am

Aaaaand...we're back! After a three week break, A.K.A. is back and ready to go! We've got an all new adventure featuring thrills! Chills! And aviator goggles! We've also got some new characters who turn up in this issue, so check back MONDAYS for new pages!

Also, remember to VOTE for A.K.A. on topwebcomics to see bonus art, and check the deviantart page every now and then for additional A.K.A. news and info!

Enjoy the new cover! And get ready, because the new story starts NEXT WEEK!

-The A.K.A. Team
September 9th, 2013, 10:50 am


End of Issue 0!

a.k.a.aeronaut September 9th, 2013, 10:50 am

Yep, that's right. Today's page marks the end of A.K.A. Issue 0! But don't worry, there's plenty more A.K.A. headed your way.

A.K.A. will take a quick break and resume updates MONDAY, OCTOBER 7th bringing more action, adventure, and (finally) aviator goggles! So be sure to mark your calendars for the return of A.K.A!

In the meantime, check back on the dA page every now and then for various A.K.A. news and updates: or follow A.K.A. on twitter (@comickergirl).

Enjoy the new page, and see you in three weeks!
-The A.K.A. Team